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Why Qbiq?

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Qbiq 420 Group was forged from Ubiq Agency, a fusion of marketing executives, creatives and developers. The Qbiq 420 Group brings digital marketing expertise and entrepreneurship insight from hi-tech, retail and CPG industries to help cannabis businesses to start up, grow and thrive.

As a coalition of seasoned professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit and proven “know how” , Qbiq 420 Group provides on-demand support to cannabis business including cultivators, dispensaries, distributors and more.

Our fractional (interim) executives are available to help with everything from crafting a business plan to putting your plan into action.

With specialists in SEO, Content Development, and Advertising, we put your brand on the map with high-impact creative, data-driven targeting and diligent compliance with ever-changing cannabis promotion regulations.

Qbiq 420 Group and its trusted network of legal and finance professionals has helped ambitious start ups and big-name brands to succeed. We can do the same for you.

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